1st ETH - based game

Group Battles
And Championships
With Reward

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Until the end of stage :numRoundStage there are


Pre-Sale 20.10 - 09.12

Pre-Sale Round 1

20.10 - 09.11

Bonus +75% , Min.Amount to Get Bonus: $250

Pre-Sale Round 2

10.11 - 19.11

Bonus +65% , Min.Amount to Get Bonus: $150

Pre-Sale Round 3

20.11 - 29.11

Bonus +55% , Min.Amount to Get Bonus: $75

Pre-Sale Round 4

30.11 - 09.12

Bonus +45% , Min.Amount to Get Bonus: $50

Token Sale 10.12 - 10.01

Bonus 0%

About the project

KingSlayer is a mobile MMORPG based on ETH blockchain. Mining inside the game, consisting of battles based on smart contracts together with well-thought plot will attract hundreds millions of users!

Why King Slayer will become popular


Growing revenues of the gaming industry:

By 2020, the game industry market will grow to $128.5 billion

Fast-growing mobile games market

Revenues in 2017 - $46.1 billion, or 42% of the entire gaming market. At the same time, 54% of the population do not have smartphones

Cryptocurrency popularity

The total number of issued cryptocurrencies: 2,170 . The total market capitalization is $215 billion.


Blockchain-economy embedded in gaming processes

Mining directly in the game. PvP battles based on smart contracts. Decentralized exchange of game items.


It’s impossible forge or replace the information fixed in the blockchain. Therefore, nobody can cheat in the game


Earn KGS in the game, that can be directly transferred to the exchange and can be sold for Bitcoin or Ethereum


120-story storyline

The most well-thought mobile world of fantasy ever created

It took us 3 years to create a game

We thought through all the game processes so that we were interested ourselves in playing it

And this is only the start

The next stage in the development of Virtual Game Coin will be the creation of the Virtual Game Platform for the implementation of the blockchain-economy in other virtual games

Fund allocation

5% Legal support

Operating and administrative expenses 10%

Team & partners reward 10%

45% Marketing and sales

Product development 30%

10% Operating and administrative expenses

10% Team & partners reward

30% Product development

45% Marketing and sales

5% Legal support


Sydney Ifergan Advisor

CEO at The Currency Analytics, CMO , Advisor and Brand Ambassador / specialized in marketing - Cryptocurrency / Forex


Wang Lei Chief Executive Officer

My position does not need additional presentation, but still. I am the CEO of our project. I am focused on a lot of tasks, starting from internal processes - planning, managing business processes, setting goals - and controlling and forecasting the final result. Working with KingSlayer is a constant balancing on the brink of users' needs and technical capabilities of block-technologies. My task is for KingSlayer to have a strong and efficient token economy. Thanks to reasonable planning, clear goals, point marketing and step-by-step solution of tasks. They say that I am a recognized expert in branding in China. I do not argue, therefore, having got acquainted with the project, I saw a huge potential. Under my strict guidance, our crypto-currency project will become the leader of the game industry in China and throughout Southeast Asia, and our Chief Operating Officer, Li Baoqing, will help me in this.

Li Baoqing Chief Operating Officer

Hi, I'm the chief operating officer of the project, and I'm pleased to hear the praise from Wang Lei's mouth. My daily tasks are no less interesting and important. I successfully solve administrative issues, I follow that all everyday business processes are resolved on time. In my work, I'm helped by a good knowledge of the market of innovations and block-technologies, as well as a decent amount of gaming experience. I speak Chinese and English. I successfully implement new technological processes, support the work of the project. In a word, I do all those important everyday things that KingSlayer grew, developed and eventually became a leader in its gaming niche! And helps me in this matter is our CTO project - Huo Dongxu.

Huo Dongxu Chief Technology Officer

Hi, my name is Huo Dongxu (Ho Dongxu), and I'm the main developer, CTO and the inspirer of the innovative game blocking project Kingslayer. Our game is not like millions of others. We not only please gamers, but also give a good earning for cool gamepads, virtual reality glasses and other irreplaceable attributes of a modern player. My experience in the sphere of game industry is inextricably linked with the blockbuster. I am responsible for the technological development of the company. Our path was thorny, I constantly improved - developed the architecture of the project. I built a great team with which I implement the KingSlayer crypto project. For almost three years I have been the undisputed leader of developers at Beijing Aite Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. I give the floor to our Head of Marketing - Kong Xiangjun.

Kong Xiangjun Head of Marketing

In the block-project KingSlayer, I was not accidental. My extensive experience in managing the teams of marketers, setting tasks and achieving the planned results drew the attention of Wang Lei .. And after short negotiations we started a joint path to conquering the tops of the detachment. I have a number of successful cases, impressive results of conversion for a number of previously completed projects. Therefore, to work on Kingsleyom came with all responsibility. My task is strategic and tactical planning of project promotion, management of a team of specialists, mentoring and care not only for users, but also for the company's own staff. I would not have got much out of the plan, do not be near such a wonderful companion, like Ma Xiaohui.

Ma Xiaohui PR Manager

Hello! My vision of our project KingSlayer is a global gaming platform on which everyone will find everything that he was looking for. Gamblers - breathtaking fights, strategy lovers - smart planning and expected results, and also - a nice bonus in the form of our tokens. My function in the project is communication, planning and creating a product image. I organize and control the majority of communication processes - communication with the media, community support, writing press releases, conducting presentations, press conferences and exchanging information with profile companies. I speak English and Chinese and share my success with the rest of the team, which is led by our team leader Wang Lei



The Origin of the Idea of The King Slayer Blockchain Game. Concept Development. Selection of the Project


Development of the VGP (Virtual Game Platform)
Concept for Further Implementation in


Marketing Team Creation, Development of the Marketing Strategy for the Sale of Tokens for the Further Implementation of the Project


Release of the Beta Version of the King Slayer Game


Listing of KGS on the Trading Platform EXRATES to Conduct Crowdsale


Transferring of the Game to Developers from China for Implementation Blockchain Into the Game


Changing the Team of Promotion the Project


Preliminary Rounds of the Sale KGS Tokens


The Main Sales Of KGS Tokens


Development of Mobile and Web-version of a Wallet for KGS Storage. Detection and Correction of Bugs in King Slayer. Creation of API for Connection of Mining Options in The Game


Launch of Marketing Campaign for King Slayer Promotion




Collection of Feedback, Drawbacks Detection, Bugs Correction


Start of Negotiations With Third-party Gaming Applications to Integrate KGS


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